Duende Productions

Duende (from Spanish mythology): (n.) the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person.

Duende seeks to make profound, illuminating, and elegant works for the theatre and sometimes film that are classics-based or inspired, language driven and actor focused.

Desire. Ache. Feeling so deep and visceral that words won’t do. Art that affects us in a primordial way. Stories that explore the breadth and depth of human experience and leave us breathless. Wonder. Mystery. Beauty. Ephemera. Often used to describe particularly moving Flamenco dancers.

Duende is magic. Duende is powerful. Duende is meaningful and moving and hilarious and ecstatic and stirring and heart-wrenching and joyful.

It comes out of nowhere. It surprises. It delights. It startles and mystifies and illuminates.

It is the depth and width of the human experience in the magical container of art.

Tickets On Sale Now: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

April 4 - 21, 2019

Eight actors. A bare stage. A violent shipwreck. A love-sick duke. Separated twins. A beautiful countess. Exploding with energy and originality, this is Shakespeare as you’ve never seen it. Funny, vibrant, and raw, Shakespeare’s beloved tale of love and loss shimmers to life as the actors weave music, magic, and beauty from nothing... before your eyes.

Location: Alchemical Studios
104 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

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